Morris Animal Foundation

Morris Animal Foundation

This incredible non-profit organization invests in science for the advancement of animal health and, as such, is a global leader in funding studies for companion animals, horses, and wildlife.

One of their most promising studies is called the Canine Lifetime Health Project. With this study, Morris Animal Foundation’s goal is to better define the incidence and risk factors for cancer and other major medical conditions in Golden Retrievers, in which cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 2. 

Our very own Dr. Davis is proud to be a registered participating veterinarian for this life-changing ongoing study.

By watching Golden Retrievers over their lifetime, we can attempt to solve a wide range of canine medical problems, such as cancer, diabetes, skin allergies and hip dysplasia. And while dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds will benefit from the study, Golden Retrievers are the focus because, unfortunately, they are diagnosed with cancer more often than many other breeds.

If you are a Golden Retriever parent and would like to participate in this study, please let us know. Once you’ve given your permission, Dr. Davis will obtain a few samples at your Golden’s annual exam, including a small amount of blood, toe nail clippings, and hair, and send them off to be analyzed. You’ll also be asked to complete an online questionnaire each year about your dog’s diet, travel habits, and living environment. Your contribution will have a huge effect by providing a wealth of information that can help hundreds of thousands of dogs of all breeds in the future.

To learn more about MAF and the Canine Lifetime Health Project, please click here.

To participate in this study and contribute to the better future of all dogs, please contact Flowertown Animal Hospital today.