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Although Flowertown Animal Hospital has been in existence for over fifteen years, I purchased the practice only two years ago. Prior to purchasing Flowertown, I owned a small animal - equine (horses) practice in southwestern North Carolina for twenty-five years and co-owned and operated an imaging company with other veterinarians. I bring thirty years of clinical experience to Flowertown.

Dr. Todd Heldreth, the founder of the practice, developed a family and community-oriented sense for the practice. Our mission is to continue in that direction, developing closer relationships with our clientele and their pets. The staff was hand-picked to ensure that our patients would be treated with the utmost careful compassion and diligence. We are very proud of this practice and our goals and mission; each of us truly cares to make a difference in the lives of our patients.

At this stage in my career, I am more excited than ever to practice veterinary medicine. The technological advances and the better understanding of our pet's diseases make this a very exciting time to be a veterinarian. After many long years in practice, I have realized that my role, as the other family doctor, is in bringing excellent health and well-being to my patients.

So, we spend a lot of time discussing prevention of disease. We advocate wellness testing to identify disease states in their early development. By identifying early indicators of disease, we can find solutions to the problem before it becomes a catastrophic issue. We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to perform blood tests, with the results available within minutes. We are ready to examine cells from any lump or bump to advise you whether that lump is benign, or needs to be removed. Our extensive background in microbiology helps us identify organisms and helps us choose appropriate medications. We heavily rely on outside laboratories to perform the more sophisticated testing needed in today's practice of internal medicine.

We practice a very high level of vigilance for oral disease, knowing that oral disease leads to other illnesses. Our goal is to help your pet live without oral disease. We have developed a method of cleaning and polishing teeth that does not involve the use of general anesthesia. For over five years we have been using a gentle sedation using a combination of two medications (for more details, click on the homepage; then click on the "Teeth Cleaning" on the left-hand side of the page). The sedation is then reversed when we're finished and your pet is up and ready to go home in minutes instead of hours it takes to recover from a general anesthetic. We have performed over a thousand of these dental procedures using this method with no adverse events reported.

Our nutritional counseling aids clients in feeding their new puppy or their geriatric old timer. We take time to advise clients about the foods that they are feeding, making them aware of what's really in that bag or can. We are not afraid to suggest important changes. In our quest for bringing better health and wellness, we understand that nutrition plays a very large role, if not the most important role.

In addition to the laboratory, we have invested our resources so that if illness or injury strikes, we can find a definitive answer quickly. We are equipped for video endoscopy for procedures ranging from examination of the ears, throats, upper airways, nasal cavities, urinary tracts, and lower digestive tracts. We are moving full bore into other minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopic surgery and arthroscopy). 1. In our imaging suite, we have installed DR digital radiology. The improved capabilities and image quality of digital x-ray vs. "film" x-ray is a night-and-day difference. With digital x-ray, your pet's radiographic study can be sent to a board-certified radiologist for a second opinion, sometimes with the results in minutes. Ultrasonography is one of the most important non-invasive modalities in today's veterinary clinic. We are equipped to perform routine ultrasound studies with referral to specialty clinics for echocardiography.

We are capable and experienced in performing surgeries from the simple spay/neuter to more complicated operations including orthopedics, soft tissue, and dental procedures.

Lastly, we are deeply involved in clinical research with molecular biologists, immunologists, biochemists, physicians, and veterinarians looking for solutions to chronic, oftentimes, fatal diseases. Our focus is to identify those molecules that help the patient without attendant side effects. We have helped develop molecular signals for the treatment of cancer, respiratory disease, allergies, and chronic kidney disease. A lot of work remains, of course, but we'll keep looking.

Thank you, for visiting our website. If you are not coming to Flowertown Animal Hospital for your pet's needs now, we hope to see you soon.


Jerry L. Dorsam, D.V.M.

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Teeth Cleaning without anesthesia!

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